Sharon Township operates three municipal cemeteries: the Sharon Township Cemetery and its new Addition at the Town Hall, 18010Image Pleasant Lake Road; Gillet Cemetery at the corner of Sharon Hollow Road and Sharon Valley Road; and Raymond Cemetery on Heim Road near Grass Lake Road. There are two privately owned cemeteries: North Sharon Bible Church Cemetery (sometimes called North Sharon Cemetery) on Sylvan and Washburn, and the Rowes Corner Cemetery at the corner of M52 and Pleasant Lake Road.

Filled with historic headstones and monuments, the oldest burials date from 1818. A centerpiece is the Abraham Lincoln Memorial, constructed in the 1870s, to memorialize “the 24 Sharon Township men who died in the war for the preservation of our union.”

At this time, new burial permits are only being sold in the Sharon Township Addition. This Cemetery can be used for cremation burials, standard burials, and green burials. The Township Sexton is responsible for the administration and operation of the Cemeteries. Use this link to access current maps and plots.

Cemetery Fees




Lot fee




$200(+cost of marker)

$250(+cost of marker)